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Woman Struggles to Keep Her Pants Up While Trapped On the Carnival Ride From Hell

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44 Guys Share the Exact Moments They Decided to Divorce Their Wives

Guys share sad and cringe stories about the moments they were ready to divorce their wives.

10 Of Our Favorite Funny Comments From Ken M.

Collection of times that Ken M. old man parody account was full of comedic genius.

This Airplane Packed Full of Spider-Man Cosplayers Just Made Our Day

Airplane packed full of Spider-Mans is one of the most awesome things we've ever seen.

The Purr-fect Teacher

a picture that shows a teacher holding his cat and that every time he asked his students a question the cat would answer with a meow and he would just accept it as the answer

Cat Picks the Best Seat in the House

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When You Think You’re Fancy Because You Know Wine

a funny meme of explaining that when you go to a restaurant and actually recognize some wine off the menu you feel very very fancy

Cat Trying To Sound Convincing

a cat looking in the mirror trying to lie seeing as that is what he will do and blame everything on the dog but can't keep a straight face

Gorgeous Cat Themed Swimsuits To Make You Look Absolutely Purrfect At The Beach This Summer

beautiful swimsuits for cat lovers

Nora The Former Abused Dog, Finds Comfort With Unexpected Friend

a story about a abusive dog named nora and finding her way to a loving family forever home and becoming best friends with their youngest newborn son Archie.