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Tiger Snuggles Up To Pregnant Woman At The Zoo

As if he could sense her pregnancy. A sweet story to tell the kids one day.  Submitted by: (via ABC Television Studios) Tagged: zoo , tiger , pregnant , Video Share on Facebook

Dog And Duck Are Inseparable Best Friends

the story of a unique friendship between a dog and a duck


16 New Cat Snapchats That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Funny Cats on Snaochat

How To Catch A Cat

photo showing how to catch a cat

Rexie The Handicap Cat Can Do It All!

A picture of a cat using a pink wheelchair in the snow - a cover photo for a story of a cat that suffers from paralysis.

21 Delightful Vintage Photos Of Animals

vintage photos of animals

This Cat Is Having the Time of His Life on a Skateboard

Boomer is having a free skate down a “closed” street during a classic car event Submitted by: (via Catmantoo) Share on Facebook

These Dogs Have The Best Shocked Expressions, That We Just Had To Share (15 photos)

A dog sitting on a small bench, looking very shocked - cover photo for a list of shocked dogs

The Creative “Adopt a Meme’’ Campaign Turns Adoptable Pets Into Funny Memes

New adoption campaign from Singapore turns pets to funny memes