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It’s Saturday And These Cats Have Found Time To Read Books About Cats

18 cats reading books about cats

Learn How To Make Sushi For Your Spoiled Cat

Why buy store bought cat food when you can just make your own? Youtube user Jun, previously known for his amazing work polishing a rusty knife to perfection, has taken his skills to a new level by preparing some delicious sushi. But this meal isn’t for him — it’s for his beloved cats. Submitted by: (via Jun’s Kitchen) Tagged: sushi , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

The Funniest Name Puns To Give Your Puppy Pals

funny name puns for dogs

24 Disney Memes That Will Make You Start Singing

24 Disney Memes

How Cats See The World

All about the differences between human and cat vision Submitted by: (via ZoneA) Tagged: vision , differences , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

Better do as the sign says…


When You’re Def Watching, But Your Eyes Are In the Wrong Direction

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10+ Tiny But Significant Inventions That Definitely Made the World a Better Place

Tiny but significant inventions that definitely made the world a better place.

Cats Reserved This Spot

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Adorable Tiger Cub Gets New Mom And Siblings After Being Rejected

a photo of 4 tiger cubs being weighed - cover for a story about a cub being rejected and getting a new mother