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My Twitter account

Dog is all paranoid because people are following him on Twitter, so he cancels the account.

Damien Would Never Be The Same Again

Invisible cat meme of black cat eating massive invisible cheezburger.

Cockatiel Whistles The Addam’s Family Theme Song

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A Helpful Guide If You Find A Stray Kitten

a very cute small kitten sitting on a blanket and keeping warm - cover photo for a kind of guide of what you should do if you come across stray kittens.

Can You Spot Traveling Dog Momo at Famous US Landmarks?

the adventures of MOMO

16 Funny Animal Tweets That Will Get You through Thursday

animal tweets

9 Cats Play With Cardboard Boxes

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These Animals Staring At Food They Can’t Have Will Make Your Thursday

a funny picture of a cat eyeing a sandwich - cover for a list of animals looking at food that is very very funny

20 Times People Looked Exactly Like Dogs

photos of people that look like dogs

Someone doesn’t like eggs…