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These Up and Personal Pets Will Make Your Wednesday

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Because the envnrinomt matters.


11 of our Favorite Twitter Reactions to Amazon Owning Whole Foods

A collection of our favorite reactions on Twitter to the news that Amazon now owns Whole Foods.

Don’t Ever Be This Dude Asking His Crush Out Via Shameless Newspaper Ad

Guy asks his crush out through a newspaper ad.

Tinder Hack Causes Two Dudes To Think The Other Is a Girl And They Become Soulmates Till Hilarious Revelation

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Angry Professor Sends Idiotic Email When No Students Show Up First Day of Class

Angry college professor emails his students after nobody shows up for the first day of class.

Guy Goes On Insane Rant When His Tinder Match Wouldn’t Have Sex With Him After FIRST Date

Crazy guy goes on ridiculous rant after his Tinder match wouldn't have sex with him following their FIRST date.

Woman Epically Trolls a Creep Who Won’t Stop Sending Her Inappropriate Messages On Facebook

Guy sends woman inappropriate comment asking what kind of penis she likes and she proceeds to troll him

Guy Witnesses A Woman Cheating At a Detroit Lions Game and Subtly Passes Her Husband A Note

Guy leaves a note for a woman's husband after he sees her texting her other lover at a Detroit Lions game

18 Tattoo Artists Share Their Worst "Are You Sure You Want That" Stories

Tattoo artists share the worst of their "are you sure you want to get that tattoo" stories and they're full of drunken stupidity.