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12 People Who Got Brutally Roasted to a Crisp

People Who Got Brutally Roasted to a Crisp

Restaurant Fails To Translate Arabic For Menu and Morbid Hilariousness Ensues

FAIL translation arabic funny - 3218693


Cat reading a newspaper while on the kitty litter box.

Still want it?

Funny cats fighting over a shoe box


funny picture of a dog parliament with caption that it is the only form of government you can trust.

Husky is Mad at Her Owner, But Can’t Resist Singing Along to Her Favorite Song

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Here’s What The Hogwarts Houses Would be if They Were Founded by Cats

Gif of the house of Kittendor

Guide Dog Brogan Celebrates His 300th Flight!

a photo of a cake with the name brogan on it cover for a story about a guide dogs

22 Good Looking Animals That Are Ready For a Big Night Out

animals dressed in clothes before going out

Funny Reddit Photoshop Battles Using Animal Photos

animal photoshop battles on reddit