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Tortoise In a Diaper

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These Two Gorgeous Maine Coons Love To Take Photos!

maine coon photoshoot

Shyster kittehs @ KKPS

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The 7 Stages of Cats on Catnip

cats on catnip in 7 illustrated stages

Adorable Vintage Cat Postcards From The 1900’s

a list of cat vintage postcards

It Turns Out Horses Can Grow Mustaches (20 Photos)

photos of horses with mustaches

20 Memes to Help You Get Through This Thursday

funny memes

Insane Guy Demonstrates the Proper Use of Our Most Primitive Technology: Rocks

You’ve seen the popular ‘Primitive Technology’ Youtube channel. Now meet it’s successor: Primitiver Technology.  Submitted by: (via Gus Johnson) Tagged: Caveman , funny , primitive , wtf Share on Facebook

Public College Snapchat Hosts Ridiculous Cheating Drama

Ridiculous college drama breaks out over a college's public snapchat.

Mom, What Is It?

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