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Same Cat, Drawn in Different Styles (12 Photos)

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Owner Creates The world’s Greatest Pug Portraits

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Watch This Yoga Class With The Most Adorable Bunnies

Can yoga get even more relaxing? Add some sweet, soft and wonderful bunnies and then stretch.Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, provides education, tours, and events for those who want to get involved and learn more about the work that the no-kill shelter does. They also happen to hold yoga classes on the first Saturday of every month in which participants get to practice with some adorable, adoptable bunny rabbits. “Bunny Yoga was created to provide people the opportunity to meet adoptable bunnies in a fun setting,” says Carrie Smith, the manager of the Best Friends Visitor Center. “Many people are unaware that bunnies end up in the shelters, and sadly they are the third most euthanized species in shelters after cats and dogs.” Cool! Submitted by: (via Best Friends videos) Tagged: bunnies , yoga class , yoga Share on Facebook

Cat Has Hilarious Reaction to Pretend Spider

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Offer The Iron Throne to Your Cat With This Game Of Thrones Bed

Game of Thrones Cat Bed

Photoshop Artist Digitally Transplants Cats Faces onto Owner’s Bodies

photoshopped photos of cats in owner's bodies

Here’s What Happens When You Add Human Mouths To Animals

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Meet The Couple Who Adopts a Dog Every Year For Their Anniversary

couple adopts dog every year on their anniversary

This Cat Has a Cat on Her and The Internet Is Going Crazy

photo of inception cat goes viral - cat with another cat on his back