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For that not-so-fresh feeling…


20 Extremely Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts

funny mugshot tshirts that we poor choices

Shut The Force Field Plz!

Cheezburger Image 9070900992

Guess What!

Memes Cats funny - 9070900736

Good Morning!

Memes Cats - 9070900480

Brave Fluffy Kitten Takes on The Dog in Battle

This kitten has the courage of a lion and skillfully takes on her big brother (a huge dog!) Who will win this adorable battle? Submitted by: (via AFV) Tagged: dogs , kitten , cute , funny Share on Facebook

14 Times Animals Had Secret Meetings To Plot…

a funny picture of three cats having a meeting

How To Make a Cat Tipi

It’s Saturday again…Watch this video to learn how to build a royal tipi for your kitty cat Submitted by: (via Purina Friskies) Tagged: tent , tipi , DIY , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

Feline Fans Wearing Cool Cat Fashion

cat lovers wearing cat fashion

The 25 Top Cat Memes This Week – Cheezburger Users Edition #15

a funny photo of a cat sticking out its tongue- a list of funny memes from lolcats