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9 of the Funniest Tumblr Posts We Came Across Today

9 posts we came across while we explored Tumblr that made us laugh.

Genius Undermines Annoying Hipster Entrepreneurs At Cafe In One Swift, Epic Move

Two hipsters at a cafe try to start their business and then end up getting trolled by clever neighbor who overheard their plan.

8 of The Best (or Worst) Madden ’18 Glitches So Far

Collection of the best and most ridiculous glitches in the Madden '18 video game.

18 Unbelievable Idiots That Stained Facebook With Pure Stupidity

18 people on Facebook that were unbelievably stupid.

The Red Light

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Tippy Toes!

Memes Cats funny - 9070902272

Confused Cat

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VERY good with machines

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Just Run…

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Sometimes Animals Just Like To Pretend To Be Other Animals (13 photos)

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