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They’re suspiciously at your side.


Let’s have dessert each other


Massive Jerk Catfishes Girl On Tinder Cause He Can’t Get Any Likes

This didn’t fail to fill us with a blind rage. Like come on, man.  Submitted by: (via WORLDSTAR TRIAL) Tagged: catfish , tinder , relationships , dating Share on Facebook

Cars Narrowly Avoid Lethal Crash After Semi Tips Over On Highway

“A truck was cut off by a car entering the highway. It was able to avoid the car, but lost control directly towards me.” Submitted by: (via viralhog) Tagged: wtf , accident , car accident Share on Facebook

Fashion Company Releases Skirt That Looks Like a Car Mat and Twitter is Freaking Out

fashion twitter FAIL funny - 3842565

Guy Leaves Legendary Amazon Review For 55-Gallon Tub Of Passion Lube

Guy with wild imagination leaves a ridiculous Amazon review for a huge tub of "Passion Lube."

20 Signs You Might Be Turning Into Your Parents

Signs You Might Be Turning Into Your Parents

Student Tweets Story About Using Chalk To Stop Her Teacher’s Sexual Harassment

Guy stops his creepy teacher from sexual assault in best way possible.

Old Family Guy Clip That Joked About Kevin Spacey Is TOO Relevant Now

Old Family Guy clip that jokes about Kevin Spacey being a predator is crazy relevant after news of Spacey's sexual assault broke today.

Terrible Jealous Wife Asks Internet For Relationship Advice And Gets Shredded By Twitter

Terrible, jealous wife asks the internet for relationship advice and ends up getting roasted by people on Twitter.