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Internet’s Deeply Disturbed By WTF Dog Picture Illusion

Weird picture of dog taken at strange angle ends up resulting in optical illusion.

I Mustache You

Cheezburger Image 9100404736

His One And Only Baby

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Can You?

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New From IKEA

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Watch These Adorable Kitty Cats Amazed By Laser Beam

Can’t handle this level of cuteness! Submitted by: (via Viral Paws) Tagged: beam , amazed , laser , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

Anxiety In Cats: Signs And Symptoms

infographics describing anxiety in cats

Artist Uses Nature to Complete His Paper-Cut Silhouettes of Animals

animal art combined with nature

What Do Animals See in The Mirror?

For years scientists have used the mirror test to decide which animals are “Self-Aware”, but recent studies show that it may not actually work. Submitted by: (via Animalist) Share on Facebook

16 People Who Deserve a Gold Medal For Their Love For Animals

people gold medals love animals - 4110341