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Hanging Out

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Can’t Purr All Day, You Know

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These Large-Scaled Finger Paintings of Vibrant Animals in Action Are Stunning

a bunch of paintings done by finger painting

Flying Peacocks Look Like Mythical Creatures

a list of pretty peacocks flying

Adorable Vintage Posters Promoting Kindness to Animals During The 1930’s

vintage posters promoting being kind to animals

Japanese Couple Takes Photos of Their Cats Staring At Them While They Eat

funny cat faces when staring at food

How Do Animals Experience Pain

Humans know the surprising prick of a needle, the searing pain of a stubbed toe, and the throbbing of a toothache. We can identify many types of pain and have multiple ways of treating it — but what about other species? How do the animals all around us experience pain? One more fascinating videos by Ted-ED.  Submitted by: (via Ted ED) Share on Facebook

Have Some Laughs With These 14 Tumblr Posts About Animals

funny animal posts on Tumblr

How many distance is to hometown?


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