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Guy Makes Tinder Profile For His Dog Phil, And These Conversations Are GOLD

Guy creates Tinder profile for his dog named Phil, and the following conversations are hilarious .


a funny meme of police dogs

These Cats Are Taking Fashion To Another Level

a funny list of cats being fashion icons

The Cartoon Adventures Of One Man And His Annoying Texting Dog

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The Most Unusual Shapes Of Goat Hornes

unique goat horns

Watch This Remake of "Raiders of the Ark" With Dogs and Cats

Fan remakes happen. And some are interesting… but do those famous adaptations ever star an adorable puppy? Nope. It does not. And that’s why Indiana Bones: Raiders of the Lost Bark is a gift to the Internet. Especially since we are obsessed with cats and dogs.Created by YouTube filmmaker FinalCutKing, Indiana Bones features a puppy acting out various iconic scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Can you guess who will be his enemy in this production? One hint… they purrr. Submitted by: (via FinalCutKing) Tagged: dogs , Indiana Jones , cute , Cats , funny , Video Share on Facebook

People Are Sharing How Their Pets’ Names Have Evolved And it’s Funny

tweets about how my pet's name evolved

These Cat Anatomy Illustrations Will Help You Get To Know Your Cat Better

cat anatomy illustrations

25 Animals In Tiny Sweatshirts That Will Fill Your Heart With Joy

an adorable cat in a sweater, list for animals in sweaters

Man Saves Kittens From Industrial Site Then Sees Some of Them With Giant "Bear" Paws

a cute story of a litter of kittens found and two have big paws