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More about the child later.


14 Babysitters Who Sent Parents Utterly Insane Text Messages

Collection of crazy text messages that babysitters sent parents.

What’s a Betrayal?

Cheezburger Image 9109812992

Someone Has Trouble Sharing

Cheezburger Image 9109799680

Did Someone Say Shopping?

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These Animal Macarons Turn The Classic French Pastry Into Adorable Edible Zoo

artist creates macarons

Mama Goat Spins Her Kid on Merry-GOAT-Round!

How adorable is this!!! Submitted by: (via ComingHomeAcres) Tagged: goats , cute , funny Share on Facebook

Super Photogenic Gorilla Resembles George Clooney and is Taking The Internet By Storm

a funny list of a gorilla looing like george clooney

There Is Nothing Cuter Than Kids With Their Fluffy Friends

pets kids Fluffy friends cute - 4384261

Adorable Kitten Keeps Meowing While Eating

Have you ever heard a kittens meow? Yes? Good… now have you heard it while the kitten eats? No? Perfect! This video will fix that! Submitted by: (via alexandrajobson) Share on Facebook