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12 Incredible Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe Have Actually Happened

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Filmmaker Is Spying on Wildlife Using Animal Robots

How do you record the most intimate moments in the animal kingdom? If you’re a clever English bloke, you build lookalike “spy creatures.” Filmmaker John Downer has spent much of his life capturing footage of wildlife, but it wasn’t until he and his team created robotic animals with built-in spy cameras that he was able to record rare footage of animal behavior in the wild, essentially from the perspective of the animal. Step inside his workshop to see how his mechanical menagerie spies on nature’s actors. Submitted by: (via Great big story) Tagged: spy , filmmaker , robots , wildlife , Video , animls Share on Facebook

Make Usatralia Great Again


The Doctor I Need

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Quick Appearance Change

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Smart Dog

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This Cat Is Definitely Trying To Tell You Something

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11 Hilarious Animal Gifs to Brighten Your Day

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How a Forensics Lab in Oregon Solves Crimes Against Animals

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