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Cat Butthole Coasters Are Actually Adorable!

a funny list of butthole coasters for drinks of cats butts

Girl Cries After Seeing What The Groomer Did To Her Dog

This girl just picked up her dog from the groomer — and she is NOT happy with his new look.  Submitted by: (via The Dodo) Share on Facebook

These Adorable Cat Comics Are So Relatable

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Merry Christmas your text here

20 Things That Are Classy if You’re Hot and Creepy if You’re Not

Things That Are Classy if You're Hot and Creepy if You're Not

Comedian Gets Victoriously Owned On Twitter After Trolling New Zealand Mascot

Comedian gets owned on Twitter after he makes fun of New Zealand's mascot.


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Brave Kids

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The Best Show Ever

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Goregous Paintings of Spirit Animals Wandering Through Colorful Landscapes

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