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14 Terrible Design Choices That Resulted In Cringe-Inducing Pictures

Terrible design decisions that resulted in extremely awkward pictures.

Brawl Breaks Out At Pizza Joint Over Misplaced iPhone

This whole smiling, grease-soaked mess was painfully avoidable… Submitted by: (via Video Library) Tagged: pizza , fight , food , Video , stupid Share on Facebook

Traumatized Aussie Discovers Giant Spider And Hilariousness Ensues Instantly

Traumatized Australian discovers a giant spider and freaks out right after instantly.

12 Moments From The Sims That’ll Tickle Your Dark Humor Funny Bone

Collection of moments from The Sims that'll tickle your dark humor funny bone.

TMZ Interviewing Logan Paul Is The Cringiest Interview Of 2018

Logan Paul just had to drop that Everyday Bro reference in there at the end. Can only imagine what this guy’s going to drop for his next vlog. You think (care if) he learned his lesson?.. Submitted by: (via TMZ) Tagged: logan paul , youtube , ridiculous , interview , Video Share on Facebook

21 Times Ken M Taught The Internet A Lesson In Masterful Trolling

Collection of times Ken M dominated social media with masterful acts of trolling.

Mystified Guy Live-Tweets WTF McDonald’s Drive-Thru Experience

Guy live-tweets an unforgettably weird drive-thru experience at McDonald's.

Town’s Facebook Meltdown To Getting Trolled Hard By Police Department Is Priceless

People react on Facebook to the news that their town will be shutting down the Internet.

Guy Trolls Stupid Facebook Hacker In Merciless Fashion

Facebook scammer gets trolled by a guy's friend after hacking his Facebook.

Woman’s Lunatic Stalker Texts Her Boyfriend A Chilling Rant

Woman's stalker texts her boyfriend a chilling, lunatic rant.