Messi The Adorable Puma is Living as a House Cat

Meet Messi The House PumaHe was too small to survive in the wild so this family decided to adopt him! ❤️🐆Posted by LADbible on Sunday, January 7, 2018 Messi, the unbelievably adorable puma, is living like a big cat he knows he is. You might think it’s strange but because Messi is 30% smaller than the average male puma, his size makes him incredibly vulnerable to wildlife nature. Sadly, his size was not the only problem, he also suffered from health problems since he was a cub. So Zoos also rejected him. Insert Tears Here. Luckily for him, an amazing family decided to adopt the loving big cat and give him a proper loving home.  Submitted by: (via LADbible) Tagged: puma , messi , big cats , Video Share on Facebook

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