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Emotionally Manipulative Guy Overreacts In Crazy Text Exchange With Girl Out Of Nowhere

Emotionally manipulative guy overreacts in crazy texting rant with girl he hasn't even met yet.

Social Media Influencer Put On Blast After She Asks For Free Hotel Room

Social media influencer gets put on blast after trying to get a free hotel room in exchange for YouTube coverage.

Facebook Scammer Learns His Lesson After Getting Trolled Back

Facebook scammer learns his lesson after getting trolled back by clever genius.

Getting Ready

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When The Nip Kicks In

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Classic Art

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Butts Of The Animal Kingdom

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Cat Judgment Box

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This Bionic Farm Fits Injured Animals With Prosthetics

Jenny Brown lost her leg and says her prosthesis helped her live a more normal life. Now, she helps fit new limbs on animals at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, New York. Watch her amazing story. Via: Great big story Submitted by: (via Great big story) Share on Facebook

When You Leave Your Cat With a Cool Cat Sitter

Aaron leaves Michael with Zach for a *magical* weekend. Submitted by: (via Aaron’s Animals) Tagged: catsitter , Cats , Video Share on Facebook