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I’ve been waiting for pleasure all week!


Jordan Peterson Obliterates Reporter Trying To Make Him Look Transphobic

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Typo Results In Hilarious State Of The Union Invitation Fail

Typo results in a hilarious typo in the State Of The Union address.

Woman’s Story About Worst Thing She’s Ever Seen Is A Cringe Nightmare

Woman shares story on Twitter about the worst thing she's ever seen, and it's filled with cringe.

15 Brutal Comebacks That Left People Speechless

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28 Hilarious Moments From the Insanity of Tinder

tinder - 4642821

Rapper Live-Tweets American Airlines First Class Failure

Joey Badass live-tweets rough experience he has with American Airlines.

Guy’s Epic Twitter Saga About Insane Ex-Girlfriend Will Leave You Shook

Guy shares insane story about psycho ex-girlfriend on Twitter in epic, long thread.

Hilarious Twitter Thread About Matthew Broderick Pic Goes Viral

Twitter thread about taking picture with Matthew Broderick goes viral for obvious reasons.

Larry The Cable Guy Vs Nazis On Twitter Is Amazing As You’d Expect

Larry the Cable Guy vs Nazis on Twitter is pure comedy gold.