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31 Women Share First Date Mistakes Men Make All Too Often

Women share the first date dealbreakers that men make all too often.

How NOT to Load A Car Using A Ramp

“I saw my cousin, my partner, and a friend trying to make a ramp from scaffolding bars to get a car onto the pickup. I knew it wasn’t going to work. The ending result was priceless.” Submitted by: (via viralhog) Tagged: FAIL , gifs , Video Share on Facebook

Please Just Tell Me

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Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart.

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Wisconsin Restaurant

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Am I a Dog Or a Panda?

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Swimming Lesson

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This Is How a Married Couple With One Baby, Four Dogs And a Cat Sleeps At Night

Watch the complicated sleeping arrangement of Adam & Bree.   Submitted by: (via Cut) Tagged: dogs , baby , night , Cats , sleeping , Video , couple Share on Facebook

The Black-Footed Cat Is The Most Lethal Cat And Has Some Serious Cattitude

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A Story In Four Acts That Sums It All Up

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