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9 Situations Every Cat Owner Will Recognize

Cats all have their own way of interacting with us, but  they have one thing in common: they’re all quite quirky. Most cat owners will definitively recognize the following 9 situations.  Submitted by: (via Smoothie The Cat) Share on Facebook

What If Pets And Owners Reversed Their Roles (Photoshop Battle)

Battle pets owner reversed photoshop gender roles - 4649733

6 Reasons To Ride a Polar Bear To Work

ride polar bear work web comics - 4650245

Bunny Emergency Meeting

Cheezburger Image 9119690496

New Studio

Cheezburger Image 9119689984

When Dinner is Ready

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Act Casual

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Watch This Ultra Cute Bunny Eating Raspeberry

We Really liked his rasperry red lipstick Submitted by: (via Anditslove on tumblr) Share on Facebook

Top 5 Cat Videos We Saw On Instagram This Week

a funny few videos of cats from instagram

11 Dogs Who Are Visiting Their Grandma’s House

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