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Missing Dog Went On A Mission To Rescue Another Missing Dog

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This Groove Dog Has The Perfect Beat!

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23 Tumblr Posts About Kittens That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better

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My game will finally have a happy ending.


Hilariousness Ensues After Girl Has Screen Door FAIL

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Girl Accidentally Super Likes Guy on Tinder and Gets Hit With a Sh*t Storm of Cringe

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People Are Roasting Trump Hotels To Oblivion On Yelp With Hilarious Reviews

People are roasting Trump's hotels to oblivion with hilarious Yelp reviews.

14 Unfortunately Planned Facial Tattoos That Will Freak You Out

Unfortunately Planned Facial Tattoos That Will Freak You Out

Contractor Live-Tweets Epic Tale of the Most Insane Job Ever

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25 Crazy Disclosed Government Secrets In The US

Crazy government conspiracies in the U.S.