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Penguins in Awe Over Yo-Yo Are Taking Over Twitter

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When Kitten Meets Hedgehog For The First Time

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9 Times People Almost Killed Themselves Trying to Kill a Spider

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The Science of Meow: Swedish Study Examines How Cats Talk

Do you know what your cat is saying when it meows at you? Researchers in Sweden are trying to give us a better idea by identifying melodic patterns in cat meows: Is your cat hungry or really hungry? Additionally, the way you talk to your cat may influence how your cat talks back. By comparing cat speech in two regions in Sweden where people speak separate dialects, researchers will determine whether cats in different regions also have different cat “dialects.” With the number of cats living as pets worldwide estimated in the hundreds of millions, the research may help cats and humans communicate better. Submitted by: (via National Geographic) Share on Facebook

Zookeepers Are Sharing Their Most WTF Stories On Reddit

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Experience? Please do acceptance.


My Spirit Animal

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Misbehaved Horse

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Not Falling For That One

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Man Makes A Memorial To Honor His Best Friend

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