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A little romrncing…


Guy Attempts–And Succeeds Beer Chugging Crawfish Challenge

Apparently, the point is to chug a beer with a crawfish strapped to it. Sort of a crusteacean mustache situation. Or Crustache, if you will. But will you? Submitted by: (via Bryan_Gravois) Tagged: lobster , beer , chug , FAIL , crayfish , challenge , win Share on Facebook

Tried It…

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Too Risky

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Look At This Hipster Dog

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Look At Him

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Go- Team- Go!

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Welcome To The The 2018 Felympics Games!

Feline sport at its best.   Submitted by: (via Sho Ko) Tagged: games , sports , Cats , olympics Share on Facebook

15 Unlucky People Whose Day Just Got a Lot Worse

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This Adorable Dog Is An Expert In Stealing Objects From Around The House

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