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Sure, I Can Do That

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Naming Cats

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That’s An Idea!

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When Someone New Comes To The Neighborhood

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Artist Creates Paper Sculptures Inspired By Nature

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The Beautiful Love Story Between Pumpkin The Racoon And Her Two BFF’s

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Just 19 Hilarious Bird Memes That Will Make You Fly

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Eddy the Cat Gets a Surprise Gift From His Owner

Comedian Vic Dibitetto’s cat, Eddy, likes to sleep in a wooden fruit bowl. To hopefully put a stop to that, Vic bought Eddy a new and improved sleeping bowl of his own. Check out his reaction.  Submitted by: (via Vic Dibitetto) Tagged: owner , gift , surprise , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

40 Cursed Images That Will Make You Scrub Your Eyes With Delicious Bleach

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Walmart Reviews For This Dog Paw Cleaner Are Cringeworthy Comedy Gold

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