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18 Cats Who Decided To Use Dogs as Pillows

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My ass only wears domestic.


Groomsman Experiences Instant Regret Trying To Climb Windmill

This windmill had it OUT for him.  Submitted by: (via WestfortFilms) Tagged: FAIL , painful , wedding , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook

18 Terribly Named Products That’ll Cripple Customers With Cringe

Collection of terribly named products that are full of terrible cringe.

12 People Share The Insanely Petty Reasons They Didn’t Go On Second Dates

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Female Cyclist Delivers Karma To Catcalling Men In a Van

Hopefully, that dude will think twice before he says some dumb shit to someone else.  Submitted by: (via Rumble) Share on Facebook

25 Frustrating and Hilarious Customer Service Stories

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Playing Mommy

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Don’t Mess With This Cat

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