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When Life’s Dragging You Down But You Keep a Positive Attitude

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Do You Have An Appointment?

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15 Animals Wearing Teeny Tiny Shoes

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Watch How Baboons React to Seeing Their Own Reflections For The First Time

In this amusing clip from the BBC documentary nature series The Secret Life Of Primates: Baboons, British zoologist Charlotte Uhlenbroek narrates as a troop of facially expressive baboons check out their reflections for the first time. Submitted by: (via BBC Earth) Tagged: nature , baboons , reflection , documentary , bbc , reaction , Video Share on Facebook

Mother Secretly Enlists Her Daughter To Help Her Sneak Parrots Into The House

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This Japanese Company Pays Its Employees For Every Cat They Rescue

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If Birds Had Arms (19 Gifs)

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Oh, That’s Why…

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Your’e Probably Right

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Life Goals

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