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15 Cats Who Think They are the Kings of the Jungle by Wearing Lion Manes

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People Are Sharing The Mini Furniture They Got For Their Pets and It’s Adorable

a funny list of people getting their pets mini couches

Like an encyclopedia.


Drunk Lady in a Swivel Chair Is a Modern Fail Artiste

In addition to her stellar timing, the internet has begun an investigation into how this magician managed to turn her vodka brown. Submitted by: (via Jeff Martin) Tagged: FAILS , office chair , woman , drunk , san francisco , vodka Share on Facebook

We’re In Love With This Ridiculously Dark Humored Tinder Conversation

Two people have an amazingly dark humored conversation on the Tinder dating app.

Guy Attempts to Justify Breaking and Entering to ‘Woo’ His ‘True Love’, Gets Torn Apart on Facebook

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20 Ridiculous Parenting FAILs Brought to You By People Who Shouldn’t Have Children

guy holds his child over an alligator enclosure - cover image to a list of parenting fails

Woman’s Heartwarming Twitter Thread About Helping Elder Lady Will Melt Your Icy Heart

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11 Hilarious Occasional Dark-Humored Tweets From Ryan Reynolds

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Unloading Mustang Gone Wrong!

How’d they see that one working out.  Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: FAIL , Awkward , cars , mustang , Video Share on Facebook