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Cat’s Shed

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Going Out For a Walk

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Best Vintage Photo Ever

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16 Cats That Love Pens

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When Your Cat Is Stalking You Every Morning

Every morning when Bryan sits on the bench to tie his shoes, his cat, Shorty goes into full-on stalking mode which is equal parts cute and creepy. What do you think is going on in her mind? Do your cats ever “stalk” you?   Submitted by: (via Shoko) Tagged: murder , stalking , Cats , funny , Video Share on Facebook

This Cat Got Super Jealous Of His Owners Laptop & The Outcome Was Twitter Worthy

a funny story about a cat getting jealous and almost breaking his owners laptop

This Is Why Some Cats Don’t Understand You (Short Comic)

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It sounds from hole!


Farting Prank On Friend Gone Wrong!

Got em!  Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: gross , farting , prank , ridiculous , reaction , Video Share on Facebook