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On The Spot

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It’s a Rough Job But Somebody’s Got To Do It

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Cat Religion

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5 Signs You Work With Cats In The Office

If you work with cats in the office everyday, you can probably relate! … Anyone else have a office supervisor? Submitted by: (via Cole And Marmalade) Tagged: signs , work , Office , Cats , funny , Video Share on Facebook

When a Picture Says More Than Just a Thousand Words

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The Story of a Dog Named Lucky (Action Lab Dog Of Wonder)

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10 Adorable Gifs That Prove Raccoons Have a Corky Side

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Top 5 Cat Videos We Saw On Instagram This Week

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This Red Panda Cub Loves Belly Tickels

Mohan, who is one of three Red Panda Cubs born at Symbio Wildlife Park, has created a frenzy of cuteness across the internet as footage of him losing it over belly tickles and being affectionate with Zoo Keeper Beth Sticker was released onto the Zoos Facebook Page. Mohan is not only off the scale adorable, but actually plays an integral part in the long term survival of the species. He along with his siblings play an important role in the over-arching captive management breeding program that Symbio is part of, and he will one day too have a family of his own. With there believed to be less than 2,500 Red Pandas left in the wild, namely due to habitat loss and poaching, you have to say their future is definitely in some mighty cute hands, or paws.  Submitted by: (via Symbio Wildlife Park) Tagged: red panda , aww , cute video , tickeling , zoo , belly rubs , love , Video Share on Facebook

Apparently, There Is a Scientific Explanation For Why Your Cat Is Obsessed With Your Laptop

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