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Kristen Bell Interviews Netflix’s Biggest Pet Stars

In this web exclusive video from Netflix, actress Kristen Bell chats with the furry stars of some of Netflix’s best original shows, including Mews from Stranger Things, the Queen’s corgis from The Crown, Cosmo from Fuller House, and more. Submitted by: (via Netflix) Tagged: tv shows , kristen bell , pet , stars , netflix , interview Share on Facebook

12 Animals That Prove Mother Nature Has A Great Sense Of Humor

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These Photos Of Smiling Sloths Will Make You Fall In Love, Fur Sure

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Vincent Van Borks

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What Was I Thinking?

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Like a Real Pro

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Two Lynx Are Having a Very Interesting Conversation

We really wonder what they were talking about… Submitted by: (via Acid Cow) Tagged: talking , conversation , lynx , Video Share on Facebook

Move Over Cats, Adorable Dogs Have Taken Over The Sinks

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Just 16 Hilarious Turtle Snapchats To Celebrate World Turtle Day

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