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15 Design Fails to Remind You Other People Are Bad at Their Jobs Too

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Guy Savagely Trolls Facebook Thread About Missing Cat

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Comedian Shares His Take On White Privilege

Did he nail it or take this joke too far?  Submitted by: (via Theo Von) Tagged: racism , white privilege , comedy , Video Share on Facebook

Race Car Driver’s Dad Pulls Son Out Of Flaming Wreck At Last Second

Dad of the year!  Submitted by: (via TMRacingVideos) Tagged: racing , flames , cars , dangerous , intense , Video Share on Facebook

15 Sketchy AF Sales And Services From The Cringe Underworld

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15 Relatable Things Adults Would Do If They Were Still Kids

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28 Super Scary Signs That Definitely Work

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NFL Player Complains About Restaurant And Gets Rekt By Twitter

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Internet Reacts To Commie Cadet Getting Booted From Military

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Fox News Host Compares Detention Centers To Summer Camps And Gets Roasted

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