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Woman Buys Chair Off Amazon, Experiences Instant Regret For Not Reading Fine Print

Woman doesn't read the fine print on a chair she buys off Amazon, and experiences instant regret.

People Are Freaking Out Over This Tweet About Outback Steakhouse Being Controlled By Satanic Cult

Funny tweet about Outback Steakhouse being controlled by satanic cult, inspires funny internet freakout.

26 Relatable Pics for the Hot and Bothered Summer Soul

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Professor Loses It When Nobody Shows up To His Class Before Realizing He Made A Grave Mistake

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Girl Posts Picture of a Young Katy Perry On Facebook and Pretends It’s Her Sister Who Died in 9/11

Girl Posts Picture of a Young Katy Perry On Facebook and Pretends It's a Relative Who Died in 9/11

Confused John Mayer Asks Internet Why Garfield Hated Mondays So Much

Confused John Mayer asks people on Twitter why Garfield hates Mondays so much.

8 Savage Ways Cheaters Were Exposed For Being The Worst

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Furious Stranger in Wrong Number Text Comes out Swinging

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Ball Machine

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Amoosing Moose

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