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Gut cheese?

20 Subtle Ways To F**k With People’s Heads During Conversations

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Pissed Millenial Tumblr User Actually Does Kill Laundry Industry

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Jeff Ross Roasts The Sh*t Out Of NBA Basketball Player, Blake Griffin

“Your joke lasted longer than your season.” Jeff Ross shows us all while he’s hailed as the Roast Master in this utterly ruthless performance.  Submitted by: (via Comedy Central) Tagged: jeff ross , roast , comedy Share on Facebook

38 Freak-Making Panoramic Photo Fails

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15 Mind Mangling Pics of Weird Perspective

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15 Bizarre Things That Are Absolutely Not Aesthetic

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Floyd Mayweather’s Recent Comeback Attempt To Conor McGregor On Twitter Backfires Hilariously

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Twitter’s Offensively-Named People Bond Over Their Plight

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25 People Share the Weirdest "House Rules" They’ve Ever Lived Through

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