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15 Times Our Dogs Gave Us The "Where Have You Been" Stance (Tweets)

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A Matter Of Perspective

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Result Not Disappointing

My dad saw that viral video of the guy who cut holes in his fence for his nosey dog so he decided to test it out and the results did not disappoint— lindsay (@ptvlinds) August 18, 2018 Submitted by: (via ptvlinds) Share on Facebook

Captain Kirk

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Unique Way Of Rehabilitating Penguins

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Movie Idea

movie idea: a cat frustrated with the flaws he sees in society becomes a vigilante, it would basically be 90 minutes of this and a voiceover— Ash Warner (@AlsBoy) August 22, 2017 Submitted by: (via Ash Warner) Share on Facebook

Dinosaur Free Office

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Apparently, The Groovy Looking Fantasy Horses In "Frozen" Are Real

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9 Times Animals Were Just Totally In Sync (Gifs)

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Creative Dad Turns Children’s Animal Drawings Into Reality And It’s Hilarious

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