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This Is What Zoo Caretakers Do When a Panda Mom Gives Birth To Twins

When having multiple cubs, pandas will usually only care for one baby and abandon the other, but switching them around might be the key for both twins’ survival. One more fascinating video by BBC Earth.  Submitted by: (via BBC Earth) Tagged: panda , zoo , bear , birth , twins , Video , animal video Share on Facebook

Good Morning/ Night

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Nature Is Beautiful

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Stanley The Tortoise Figured Out The Cat Door And He’s Comin’ In

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FYI- Bats Are Real

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When Your Puppy Comes Equipped With a Volume Lowering Function

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Will This Cat Manage To Find The Small Ball Hiding In One Of Those Glasses?

Where are you hiding? I’ll Find You!There are 5 glasses and there’s a small ball in one of them. Whicn one contains the ball? The task for the cat is to find it. This task is a real challenge for a little fluffy thing. Submitted by: (via CatPusic) Tagged: game , glasees , cat videos , Cats , hiding , Video Share on Facebook

Top 5 Cat Videos We Saw On Instagram This Week

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We Had To Share This Adorable Dog With Mouse Ears

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