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Just like mom used to make…

Over A Million People Agree With This Woman’s Brutal Tumblr Thread About Divorce

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Shocked Guy’s Twitter Thread On The Greenland Shark Is Pure Madness

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This Is Why I Love The Internet

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He Looks So Relaxed

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Constant Mode

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How Many Cats Can Ride At Once?

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Animals Wearing Cowboy Hats Are Too Adorable To Miss

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Here Are Some Feel Good Animal Comics For Your Viewing Pleasure

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This Is What Everyone Gets Wrong About Cats

Cats are adorable, furry little ninjas that share our homes with us and have an overwhelming urge to push things off other things. We opened our homes and our hearts to them a long time ago, but despite what we think we know about our hairball-hacking friends, there’s still a ton of misinformation floating around out there that just refuses to go away.. Submitted by: (via Grunge) Tagged: funny video , cat videos , Cats , Video Share on Facebook