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That Sign

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9 DIY Projects For Cat Owners

This video is especially for you, cat owners, and it has some really brilliant ideas Submitted by: (via Buzzfeed Nifty) Tagged: projects , cat owners , DIY , Cats Share on Facebook

There’s No Way You Can Explain These Weird Animal Photos

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#TheDailyOtter Is Filled With The Cutest Otter’s Tweets And It’s Awesome

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This Is Probably The Cutest Cat Comics We Have Seen Lately

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A Seal Slapped a Kayaker In The Face With An Octopus

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Lo, imminent scarping.

15 Exhaustingly Intelligent Geniuses Who Will Crush You With Their Knowledge

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Woman Takes Ridiculously Long To Pull Out Of Parking Space, Smashes Car, And Casually Drives Away

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Super Mario Bros Speedrunner Shatters World Record With Near-Perfect Run

Gather round plebeians, and witness the logic-defying work of a legend. This dude’s a mere second away from achieving the myth called perfection. WTF.  Submitted by: (via Kosmicd12) Tagged: awesome , video games , video game logic , Super Mario bros , mario , win Share on Facebook