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Is He, Uh, Petrified?

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A Hole In The Wall

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How To Get Your Cat To Eat New Food

People often struggle with how to get your cat to eat new food.  Cats are notorious for being finicky and developing food addictions, so Dr. Burstyn shares with you his approach for how to feed your cat any new food you want.  Submitted by: (via Helpful Vancouver Vet) Share on Facebook

The Comical Adventures Of Pixie and Brutus

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Have Some Laughs With These Fresh Animal Memes

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When a Picture Says More Than Just a 1000 Words

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Couple Find Adorable Abandoned Kittens And Spring Into Action

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Don’t cover that load!

Guy Conceals Secret Message In Conversation With His Tinder Match

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12 Moments People Shared with Complete Strangers Whom They Never Saw Again

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