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This Is Still Our Favorite Video On The Internet

David Blaine himself never saw this one coming. This one’s timelessly entertaining, and that is pure magic.  Submitted by: (via ThoseLilRabbits) Tagged: spoof , trolling , david blaine , prank , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Video Hilariously Ponders What Happens When A Guy Sees A Chair At The Beach

I liked it. I don’t know why, but I really liked it. Submitted by: (via Bridge Stuart) Tagged: skit , ridiculous , funny , Video Share on Facebook

15 Gnarly Trucking Fails To Make You Feel Better About Your Worst Day On The Road

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Thoughts Of A Dog To Cheer You Up With Pure Wholesome Goodness

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15 Pics Taken At Just The Right Moment When The Timing Was Divine

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15 Mixed Tinder Moments That’ll Give You Hope Then Crush Your Spirit

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25 Knockoffs That Pushed It to the Limit

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9 Hilarious Times Humans Lost The Battle Against Gravity

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20 Employers Reveal The Jobs That Are Hard To Fill

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11 People Share The Epiphanies They Experienced Hilariously Late In Life

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