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#DailyDoseOfKittens Is Bringing Us Some Of The Sweetest Kitten Tweets

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28 Caturday Memes That Will Have You Rolling On Your Belly (Preferably In The Sun) In Pure Joy

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Wishes don’t true…

15 Disturbing Crafting Fails

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Dad Introduced To Fortnite Is Our New Favorite Video Of 2018

This video is the wakeup call the world needed, to the effects of Fortnite. Not even once…!  Submitted by: (via Maria T. Polo) Tagged: fortnite , FAIL , Video Game Coverage , parenting , ridiculous , video games Share on Facebook

17 Starbucks Baristas Reveal The Most WTF Questions They’ve Ever Had to Deal With

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23 Tweets That Capture Absurdity Of Millennial Angst Perfectly

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Prankster Trolls TV Station To Make Them Think Axl Rose And Mickey Rourke Are A Married Couple

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Guy Discovers His Neighbor is Cool as Hell

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20 Times Awful Fantasy Was Awful and Fantastic

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