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28 Overheard Conversations To Keep You Looking Over Your Shoulder

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Guy Lies About His Girlfriend Being A Horrible Speller And Gets Properly Called Out

Guy lies about his girlfriend being terrible at spelling and gets properly called out.

Writer’s Twitter Thread About Childhood Basement Finds Is Painful Nostalgia Central

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That’s All He Needs

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We’re Crying And We’re Not Afraid To Admit It

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I Hate County Music

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Loving Dog

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Businesswoman Ditches Career For Training Giant Gators

A corporate high-flyer has traded in her high heels and glitzy networking events to spend her days training giant alligators and handling some of America’s deadliest snakes. For years, Shannon Saurage, 42, worked in the executive world as part of an HR company where she dealt with 700 employees daily. Now she spends her days with her own 11ft, 550-pound gator named Mr Cuddles – training, feeding, and even kissing the beast at Gator Country, a reptile park and rescue centre in Beaumont, Texas. Shannon works alongside her husband Gary Saurage, who opened the park in 2005.isness Submitted by: (via Barcroft Animals) Tagged: alligators , career , business , women Share on Facebook

Chinese Artist Imagines How Cats And Dogs Would Look Like If They Were People

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18 Animals That Are Living Life On The Edge As Bada** Rulebreakers

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