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9 Times X-Ray Scans Discovered The Funniest Things About Cats

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Top 24 Memes of The Week – Cheezburger Users Edition #74

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Pet Stores In The UK Are Now Banned From Selling Puppies And Kittens

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Girl Sends Boyfriend Selfie Of Her Shaved Head, And He Goes INSANE

Girl sends her boyfriend a photoshopped picture of her shaved head, and he has a total freakout.

Guy Straps Hot Wheels To Drone For Epic Third-Person View Feel

Highway to the danger zone! Submitted by: (via Grackle FPV) Tagged: toys , technology , awesome , drones , Video , win Share on Facebook

15 Of The Funniest, Most Unexpected Christmas Trees This Year

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Guy Dumps Girlfriend Using Craigslist In Harshest Way Possible

Guy dumps his girlfriend using Craigslist ad in most brutal manner possible.

Woman Finds Out Her $250 Painting Is Actually Worth 200000-300000

Whoever appraised it as print should be fired for either lying or being terrible at their job. Submitted by: (via Antiques Roadshow PBS) Tagged: surprising , art , awesome , painting , auction , Video , win Share on Facebook

11 People Share Their Most Brutal Reasons To Bail On A Date In 3 Words

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17 Times The CorrectNames Twitter Account Was A Comedy Genius

Collection of times that the CorrectNames Twitter account was a witty genius.