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The Most Impressive Dad’s In The Animal Kingdom (Video)

Shout out to all the great animal dads out there! This video shows just which animals out in the wild actually are the best fathers and why! Did you know the male seahorses gives birth to 2,000 babies? Talk about really pulling your weight! These animals take their fatherly role very seriously. Watch the video to learn just what it takes to be an expectional father in the animal kingdom. To find out more, head over to Business Insider. Submitted by: (via Business Insider) Tagged: dads , fathers , amazing , Video , animals Share on Facebook

This Tumblr Page Is All About Funny Corgis And Your’e Gonna Love It

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The Louis Vuitton New Purr-fect Collection Showcases the Designer’s Own Cats

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These Animals Have The Longest Pregnancy Period In The Animal Kingdom

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19 Tweets About Horses We’re Gonna Need You To Read By The End Of The Day

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