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18 Cats Who Truly Hate This White Cold Thing You Call "Snow"

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This Guy Likes To Annoy His Chihuahua With Farts And Even Compiled a Video Out Of It

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16 Interesting Animal Facts That Will Make You The Smartest Person In The Room

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Typhoon will resume after the storm stops.

14 Songs That Terrified People As Children

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Seth Rogen’s Observation About Home Alone Is So Real It Hurts

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Absolute Madman Gets Stung By Executioner Wasp

The insanity of this act is written in the headline. Coyote Peterson never fails to defy what we thought was possible on a pain endurance level, and then just being a bullish idiot.  Submitted by: (via Brave Wilderness) Tagged: crazy , insects , wasp , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

The Debate Over Whether Die Hard’s A Christmas Movie Returns With Fiery Passion

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Ego Blinded 16-Year-Old Thinks He Can Design Dyson Swarm For School Project

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23 Of The Best (Or Worst) Corporate Darwin Awards Humanity’s Ever Seen

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