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‘Lola and Mr Wrinkles’ Meet Brutus of ‘Brutus and Pixie’ And It’s Just As You’d Imagine It Would Be

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It Turns Out Hamsters Make Surprisingly Good Pocket Squares As This Guy Discovered One Christmas

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When a Picture Says More Than Just a Thousand Words

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Millennials Reply To Being Accused Of Ruining The Pet Food Industry By Saying It’s Not Their Fault

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Referee Loses Toupee In Middle Of High School Basketball Game

Never has an errant pass ever led to such hilarity.  Submitted by: (via Drew Franklin) Tagged: sports , cringe , Awkward , basketball , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Evil Brother Pulls Horrifying Ouija Prank On Sister And Video Goes Viral

Video goes viral after a clever brother pulls Ouija board prank on sister.

Santa Clause Recut As Horror Trailer Is The Movie We Never Knew We Needed

This ended up being unexpectedly amazing.  Submitted by: (via Aceinyourface) Tagged: horror , christmas , ridicuous , santa claus , funny , Video , holidays Share on Facebook

14 Times People’s Laziness Inspired Unintentionally Brilliant Christmas Decorations

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Woman’s Hilarious Story About (Evil) Genius Christmas Prank On Her Dad Is The Gift We Needed

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