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Issue your children fun today!

18 Reasons Why Married Men And Women Never Come Home Anymore

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Video Mocks A Kid’s Ridiculous Experience Helping His Mom With An iPad

You might laugh, but in pain, at just how close to home this feels!  Submitted by: (via Gus Johnson) Tagged: ipad , mocking , technology , parody , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

Exasperated Guy Hilariously Reacts To Playing Kingdom Hearts 3

Sometimes you just have to follow the light of your inner heart beam! That being said….this guy’s video reaction to Kingdom Hearts 3 is a solid little nugget of internet gold.  Submitted by: (via ProsafiaGaming) Tagged: kingdom hearts , kingdom hearts 3 , ridiculous , reaction , funny Share on Facebook

25 Alarmingly Honest, Occasionally Brutal, Sometimes Wholesome, Tweets About Marriage

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19 Big Red Flags to Watch out for at a New Job

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13 Sharp-Witted Times People Fired Back Perfect Responses Online

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Shocked Man Live Tweets His Discovery Of A Cat With Baby Kittens Under His Bed

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New Meme Lovingly Roasts JK Rowling’s Modern Additions To The Harry Potter Storyline

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Disgusted Pizza Place Employee Shares Story About His Customer’s Strange Routine Behavior

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