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The Fastest, Most Humiliating Sumo Victory We’ve Ever Seen

The sumo wrestlingsquare-off between, Chiyonokuni and Takanoyama, showcases what’s been suggested in the YouTube comments section as the most humiliating move…ever. And if it’s humiliating, or even remotely close, we will gladly share that sh*t back to our audience at Fail Blog!  Submitted by: (via Maarike11) Tagged: crazy , sports , sumo , awesome , wrestling , Video , win Share on Facebook

Pilot Explains What It Was Like To Eject From An F15 At The Speed Of Sound

Supersonic ejection from a jet fighter can get pretty WILD. Listening to this guy talk about his experience navigating the speed of sound, is its own kind of exhilarating experience. Listen for yourself!  Submitted by: (via ColdWarWarriors) Tagged: crazy , awesome , pilot , Video , airplane , flying , speed of sound Share on Facebook

Highly Relatable Images About Language Struggles Will Make You Feel Not Alone

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15 Tips To Make Your House Look Like A Big Stupid Grown-Up Lives In There

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Embarrassed Mom Lives To Regret Letting Her Husband Watch Their Curious Baby

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10 Liars And Mouth Breathers Getting Harshly Called Out That’ll Make You Smile

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21 Stumped People Who Got Fulfilling Answers To Their Mysterious Finds

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Powerful Construction Worker’s Gas Station Burrito Gas Shuts Down Job Site

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10 Satisfying Times Ken M Was The Master Troll Of The Comments Section

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