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That’s how napkins are made.

When Your Mom Makes You Emo

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Walter Pinkman

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Professor Jiggly Is On The Move

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Resting With Your BFF

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Here’s How You Can Build Inexpensive Outdoor House For Your Cat

It’s caturday and we thought you could spare some time for DIY that will please your soul and mainly, your cat.   Submitted by: (via Next Generation) Tagged: outdoors , DIY , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

13 Times Wild Animals Had An Unusual Reaction To People At The Zoo (Gifs)

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Aquatic Biologist From San Francisco Repopulates Rare Butterfly Species in His Own Backyard

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20 Motivational Quotes Brought To You By Big And Powerful Cats

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Do Not Disturb These 15 Cats Who Are Currently Obsessed With Their Dinner

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